Leading boutique hoteliers meet at StayBoutique Social Club Dinner in London

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The 2020 London StayBoutique Social Club Dinner, co-hosted by the Boutique Leaders Lifestyle Association (BLLA) and its member, the Inhabit Hotel in Paddington, was a roaring success according to those who attended.

The BLLA was founded in 2009 and, along with its media platform StayBoutique, began its Social Club Dinner Series in 2018.

“This Dinner Club series is aimed at gathering the minds pushing boutique forward in a close-knit and comfortable setting, thus bolstering the community we represent,” said Frances Kiradjian, Founder & CEO, BLLA.

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It was attended by the likes of Luca Del Bono, co-founder of Quintessentially; Sue Walter, global CEO of Maggie & Rose; Ariela and Frances Kiradjian of BLLA and StayBoutique; and Jean-Pierre Bandeira, CEO of Light Human Hotels.

Ariela Kiradjian, who produced and organized the 2019 dinner, stated: “As we fully immerse our association deeper into the boutique space by bringing individual businesses together, we constructively help grow their recognition globally in an effort to strengthen and expand the community for the greater good of all involved.”

Meanwhile, attendee Gerald Greene, Yotel co-founder and founder & CEO of Society, said: “Boutique has always been the breeding ground for innovation and passion in the hospitality industry and with the increasing monopoly of the large brands it is even more important in this day and age to support and nurture boutique hotels.”

BLLA was the first and only organization representing the boutique hotel industry when it was founded over 10 years ago, and has the goal of keeping hoteliers up-to-date on the business.

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