Software update lets hotels track guest comfort and staff productivity


A new software update from Honeywell Building Technologies allows hoteliers to track data on guest comfort and staff productivity.

Honeywell’s INNCOM INNcontrol 5 platform is optimized for mobile, tablet or desktop. From any of these devices hoteliers can monitor the performance of their hotels and even compare them to one another, or to historical performance.

The company hopes hotel owners will find the software update useful to identify areas of weakness in their hotels so they can go on to improve them.

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The software analyzes a hotel’s performance in a number of ways, including measuring guest comfort on a scale of 1-100.

INNcontrol 5 does this by the use of motion sensors that detect whether a guest has moved about or risen during the night.

Other measurements taken include temperature set point, thermostat interaction, comfort alarm and equipment alarm. These factors will help hoteliers identify ‘problem’ rooms.

Additionally, the software offers the ability to monitor staff productivity and other aspects like energy consumption.

Christian Leclerc, general manager of INNCOM by Honeywell, said: “INNcontrol 5 not only helps hoteliers improve staff efficiency but can also provide quantifiable metrics regarding overall guest comfort and energy savings.

“This new measurement makes IC5 an even more valuable tool that goes beyond driving energy savings for hoteliers. It can now also help support an enhanced user experience which is likely to lead to better guest retention and reviews for properties that use the data that is generated to improve operations.”.

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