Independent creative design studio Sparcstudio has made five predictions for the top spa design trends in the coming year.

Sparcstudio specialises in design in the spa, wellness, hotel and resort sectors, and has completed projects worldwide.

Creative director Beverley Bayes commented: “We are witnessing a shift within luxury spa design, away from formal, minimalist spas towards ones that have heart and soul, spas that are about comfort, relaxation and reconnecting with nature.

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“These trends draw on the concept of ‘barefoot luxury’ and are all delivered in a way that is inspiring yet practical.”

1. Barefoot luxury

Sparcstudio’s first prediction is an increase in the use of ‘natural’ and ‘raw’ materials.

“Spas will aim to recreate the kind of ‘barefoot luxury’ that guests experience on luxury island resorts,” said Sparcstudio.

This will mean marbles in ‘Forest Green’, as well as end grain timbers, green slate and Terracotta tiles, as well as a focus on handmade, locally-sourced materials, said Sparcstudio.

2. Natural pools

Thanks to the popularity of wild swimming, Sparcstudio predicted a shift in the kind of pools guests will see at spas.

“Fresh water, naturally filtered pools and ponds are set to become an essential element,” said Sparcstudio, “for any forward-thinking, eco-conscious spa developer.”

3. No more mosaics

“The use of mosaics has a long history in the Spa world, but they are fraught with maintenance issues,” claimed Sparcstudio, referring to the grout and mildew that can be difficult to put a stop to on mosaics’ small tiles.

The designer predicts that much larger tiles, of 3m x 1.5m, will become the preferred choice.

4. Green with envy

“We think ‘Studio Green’ is the colour of the moment in spa,” said Sparcstudio. “Dark and rich, it creates an intense backdrop to other colours and natural woods, stones and Terracotta.”

Continuing 2020’s natural theme, aqua greens and moss tones will also be used for contrast, said the designer.

5. Natural light

Spas will increasingly be designed to take advantage of natural light, Sparcstudio forecast.

Where this is not possible, concealed lighting will create a similar, subtle effect.

“Concealed, full-colour spectrum lighting throughout the spa journey offers a soft and subtle ambiance,” said the designer. “Lighting which intelligently responds to the guest and subtly changes in intensity throughout the day will become the norm.”

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