TOP TIPS: Staying connected with your staff during Covid-19 crisis


Given the Government’s instructions on social distancing to slow the spread of coronavirus, employees working from home has suddenly become a necessity in most industries.

Although some businesses already encourage flexible working, there are many business owners, managers, and indeed employees themselves, lacking confidence that work will be done productively when away from the office.

For hotel owners, it’s especially important to keep in contact with staff throughout the duration of the pandemic, ensuring the team’s morale remains high and workers understand what tasks need to be completed.

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Top communication tips

When it comes to engaging your team, there are some important tips that you should follow:

  • It’s important, especially during a period of uncertainty, to instill confidence in your workforce, equipping them with essential qualities, such as purpose and passion, to ensure the work continues to the standards expected despite the many legitimate challenges of a new working environment.

These qualities fall under the six essential pillars of personal leadership that are crucial to developing the self-motivation and self-discipline needed to overcome challenges.

  • Whilst it’s important that employees are taught the skills needed to become effective personal leaders, the collective productivity of your workforce relies on their understanding of the ‘common goal’ – having clear direction; understanding what success looks like.

Goal setting is a fundamental part of personal development and essential for managing teams remotely, giving individuals clear and realistic targets to aim for.

  • In order to harness the power of goal setting, individuals need to be personally invested in achieving their targets, fuelling self-motivation far greater than simply completing tasks that have been assigned to them.

This means taking the time to understand the benefits to be gained by the accomplishment of each goal, including the personal satisfaction of the progress that’s been made and the achievement of large and small victories. 

  • Without being able to meet in person, it’s important that a new communication system is in place, so employees can collaborate, despite being in different locations.

Programmes like Microsoft Teams are designed to be a virtual office, allowing remote workers to share important information and communicate via live chat and video calling features. During the pandemic, this can be a suitable replacement for physical meetings.

  • Podcasts are another way in which hotel owners can communicate with their employees remotely, allowing participants to discuss topics in detail, as part of a wider series of audio episodes.

Whilst staff may not be together in person, the podcasts provide an opportunity for team members to ask questions and access information remotely. These episodes can then be promoted via social media for extra exposure.

Maintain productivity…

With entire workforces being required to work from home, it’s crucial that businesses maintain their productivity levels, given the uncertainty of the situation.

Although some employers may be apprehensive about the impact of working from home, there is no reason why standards should slip if they have been given the skills needed to lead themselves effectively.

If your workforce requires training, there are online personal development courses that will give them the tools needed to remain productive over the coming weeks and months.


About the author: Nick Howes is Managing Director at Leadership Management International UK.

About the firm: Leadership Management International is a global organisation, committed to delivering bespoke personal development programmes to businesses of all sizes.

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